Why This Lifestyle

Gary Pfeffer


Over a decade ago, I found myself sitting in a cold, stark white hospital emergency room. I was witnessing my fathers heart attack. As I watched, a stent was inserted into an artery in his leg, and run all the way through his body to his heart. I watched this procedure knowing that I could lose my father so quickly and easily.

Why was this happening to him? Why does this happen at all!? In the days and weeks to follow, It dawned on me that this fearful visit to the hospital will more and more, be the norm in my life. By this time, I had a host of illnesses of my own, that were not getting any better. All of the illnesses that I list, were chronic illnesses.


  • I.B.S. (I had this long before there was a name for it)
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Diverticulosis
  • Allergies resulting in chronic congestion (most notably in the morning)
  • Atrial Fribulation

It got to the point that every time I visited the doctor, he said, “Here… take this pill and you’ll be fine.”. “How long should I take it for?”,  I asked.  “Every day… for the rest of your life.”, was the answer.

I looked around at all the other animals in nature, and wondered, why don’t they seem to need hospitals, doctors and surgeries? I’m not talking about our pets, or the animals in zoos. I’m talking about animals in the wild. To be sure that my perceived observation was true or not, I spent some time studying animals. And sure enough. They do NOT need hospitals, doctors and surgeries!

Now the big question was, “Why!?”. Why are human beings… the beings with the greatest intelligence on earth… so incredibly fragile and disease prone?

I have spent more than a decade looking for the answer to man’s health dilemma. And, I have found that we are no more frail than any other species, and that the perceived frailty is created entirely by man, himself.


It comes down to two things!

If you do not have immaculate health (and virtually no one does), then it boils down to one of two things (virtually always, it is both).


  1. You are deficient in nutrition.
  2. You are consuming toxins, either airborne, orally, or topically (virtually always, all three of these).

It is this simple. Yet, we have been starved of the education that will allow us to make appropriate choices. We are so starved, in fact, that most of us do not even have a clue of the dramatic impact that addressing these two issues will have on human health.

One day, in 2007, I listened to a woman speak about the science behind her chosen diet… a woman in her late 50s and looking like her early thirties. Her presentation compelled me to go raw for 30 days just to see what would happen. In four weeks, all of my diseases except for the atrial fibrillation was gone. Two weeks after that, the atrial fibrillation was gone.

After that I had to get into the science of this. There is so much wonderful information that we are not taught by the mainstream. There just isn’t any money in people that don’t get sick. But, the truth of the matter is… “You don’t need the science.”. Eating according to nature works whether you know the science behind it or not. This lifestyle is our birth right. Optimal health and longevity is our birth right. Every other species living in the wild, has this optimal health and longevity because they intuitively and instinctively eat according to their species. With our intelligence, we have become so very distracted over the years as to lose site of what is right under our nose.


What People Need To Know

I informally attend many potlucks, and other events, and share my story of how I eliminated all six of my chronic illnesses in less than two months. I love to share this information. And as time has passed, I have come to realize something. While these two basic principals hold true, the actual food that one consumes, is not a “one size fits all” proposition. The great thing, though, is that once you are following these two basic premises, your body tells you what it wants and what is hurting it. It becomes quite easy. If you just listen (intuitively)

Early in my search for answers, I discovered that commerce has utterly decimated good health, because it sells products for profit, and with no concern for human health. Now! I have been very kind to refer to commerce as “it”. But, the truth of the matter is, commerce is made up of people. Therefore, it is a travesty that our diets have gone so far off track, and that we ingest foreign, toxic chemicals from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. It is a travesty that they are in our foods, drinks, and toiletry items.

So, if it isn’t bad enough that we are nutrition deficient, and consume chemicals, there is no one trying to stop this from happening, and an immense well-funded effort to make it worse. Because it seems to be about money, not you and me.


Lifestyle & Coaching

So, I and some very dear like-minded friends have gotten together to help educate anybody and everybody that would like to know more about what a healthy lifestyle is and then coach and support anybody and everybody that would like assistance in bringing this new style of living to their own state of being.


--- Gary Pfeffer