Amanda Johns
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The journey to this new and different world, which I call my life, started about nine years ago.

There was a time when my health was not so marvelous. I had been sick for many years before going to the hospital facing eminent death, being told that I would pass within the next 24 hours. I came in to the ER almost too late! I had lost all but three units of blood (and we are supposed to have 12) and had no pulse!

The Nurses and Doctors were astounded that I was still alive and had not been in a severe accident. I was then diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Anemia and Auto-immune issues. I felt like my whole life was gone in a flash. This was very frightening for me at the time.

Later, I realized this was actually all a blessing in disguise. In all of this life transformation, I found my purpose in this life. I am vibrant and well now. This proves that miracles are out there for us all. Accepting it is the gift!

— Amanda
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